Privacy Policy

(1) Basic policy on handling of personal information

The Organization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna fisheries (hereinafter called “the OPRT”) collects data on users of the OPRT website (hereinafter called “the Site”) in areas necessary to the smooth operation of the service (such as the information provision by the Site and solicitation of comments) provided by the Site. Such collected information will be handled appropriately within the scope of the purposes of the collection.

(2) Definition

“Personal information” means “personal information” defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan relating to a living individual. It includes information which can identify a specific individual such as a name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact point and other descriptions. It also includes a single piece of information by which a specific individual can be identified such as data on a feature, fingerprints, and voiceprint as well as an identification number of a health insurance card.

(3) Ways to collect personal information

The OPRT requests users to provide a name, e-mail address, address, telephone number and others when applying for a supporting Member, providing comments and/or questions, participating in a seminar, entering for a campaign and other events.

(4) Purposes of collecting and utilizing personal information

The OPRT collects the information for the following purposes:
(a) to provide and operate the service of the OPRT;
(b) to answer to questions from users (including identification of the individual);
(c) to send a mail to advertise a campaign and other activities that the OPRT provides;
(d) to provide necessary notification such as the system maintenance and important notice;
(e) to identify an individual who tries to use the Site in a unjustifiable and unlawful manner and decline the use of the Site; and
(f) any purpose related to (a) to (e) above.

(5) Measures to ensure security

The OPRT takes measures necessary to manage collected information appropriately to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of collected information.

(6) Limitation on use and provision

Except in cases of legal disclosure requests, illegal access, threats and other unlawful acts or other special reasons, the collected information will not be used by the OPRT for any purposes other than those described in (4) above, nor will it be provided to any third party. However, the OPRT may disclose statistical information regarding access to the Site or information on user’s attributes.

(7) Cookies

The Site uses cookies. When a user accesses a website, cookies are exchanged between the server of the website and the user's browser, and then stored on the user's computer. Users may choose to disable cookies from their browser settings to block access logs from being collected.

(8) Analysis of access

The Site uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze access logs. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user data but not data that is personally identifiable. Data collected by Google Analytics is governed by Google's privacy policy. Please read the Google Privacy Policy for more information.「Google Privacy Policy

(9) Exemption clause

When you move from the Site to another website through a link or banner, the OPRT assumes no responsibility for the content or service of the website. While the OPRT is trying to provide as accurate information as possible on the contents in the Site, some information may not be necessarily correct nor updated. The OPRT assumes no liability for any loss or damage caused by the contents in the Site.

(10) Copyright

All the contents such as texts and pictures in the Site are protected by the Copyright Act. Unauthorized use or diversion is prohibited.


Please feel free to place a link to the Site. However, the OPRT may refuse a placement of a link, depending on the contents of the linked website. When you place a link to the Site, please inform us of the URL of the linked website using the form for comments, questions and others in “Contact us” below.

(12)Revision of the Privacy Policy

The OPRT complies with Japanese law related to personal information. The OPRT reviews, as appropriate, and improve the Privacy Policy. A revised Privacy Policy will be uploaded here.

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